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A Public Private Partnership exercise will be conducted on November 7th, 2018 between 8AM and 4PM.  Over 100 facilities will be testing their operation centers within their facilities and to reach out to other stakeholders.  This will allow each facility a chance to exercise their plans as if this was a real event. The facility can work to coordinate efforts with local resources and information sharing. Groups include transportation from INDOT, ITR, and various Railways.  District 1 Healthcare Coalition Partners including Healthcare facilities from all 13 hospitals with NWI, Local Health Depts, Long Term Care, dialysis group to home healthcare groups, plus several others.  Public Sector Agencies such as Emergency Management Agency, EMS, Fire Law Enforcement, 911 Centers and others. Communication will be assisted by the amateur radio groups.  State and federal agencies such as FEMA, IDHS, NWS and ISHD.  Volunteer Groups and organizations such as University groups, COAD, Red Cross and others. Private Partners from NIISSA Stakeholders.  We will start out with simulated weather statements from NWS and build up to a blizzard matching the magnitude of Indiana’s Blizzard from 1967 and 1978.  We need to be prepared and trained so most of our NWI partners can exercise in this fashion.  Exercises like this will only assist in reacting to any all hazard incidents and events that could occur within our region.

Later Event: May 4
2019 Derby Fest Fundraiser